Vacuum Forming


As a contract manufacturer, Dimension 3 Plastics specializes in the design and production of plastic components for commercial and industrial applications. Significant investment in equipment and ongoing training combined with over 40 years of experience producing complex thermo formed parts allows Dimension 3 Plastics to consistently provide our clients the highest quality products competitively priced.

Working together with our in-house CNC Pattern Shop and mold maker we can produce parts up to 78” x 54” x 21” deep from a variety of plastic substrates including acrylic, PETG, polycarbonate, ABS and more.

We have three forming machines giving us a full range of forming capabilities including vacuum, pressure and drape forming, free blow forming and matched mold forming. Our newest addition, a Brown fully automated state of the art Vacuum Former has many significant features that enable us to reduce waste and scrap without ever sacrificing the quality or consistency of parts produced.



Advantages of our state of the art equipment:

  • Very precise temperature control in 70 high powered zones for parts up to 54″ x 78″.
  • Real time measurement of the temperature of the sheet which allows forming at the same temperature every time resulting in consistent parts.
  • High speed and tightly controlled movement of mold and plug assist platens gives excellent control of wall thickness profile allowing thinner gauge sheet to be used resulting in material cost savings.
  • Power saving features conserve energy over conventional equipment.

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