Q: Why is the clear Acrylic I ordered blue/white/tan?

A: Most acrylic sheets are shipped with a protective covering from the manufacturer which helps prevent scratches and ensures the customer gets the best quality sheet. Depending on the manufacturer and the material type, the protective masking may be blue, green, purple, orange, tan or clear in color.

Q: How many types of Acrylics are there?

A: There are many types of acrylic sheet available. Certain sheets are developed to meet specific needs. Depending on your requirements and product performance, one of our sales representatives could provide information on clarity, texture, impact performance, chemical and food resistance etc.

Q: How do I clean the Acrylic/PETG/Polycarbonate?

A: To clean acrylic/PETG & Polycarbonate use a mild dish soap and water solution. Wipe with a soft cloth. DO NOT use paper towels, dry cloth or other abrasive material. This may scratch the surface and set up a static charge causing dust to stick to the surface. Other products such as Novus #1 Antistatic(buy on Amazon) ,Brillianize (buy on Amazon) , Methyl Hydrate or Isopropyl Alcohol Can be used but you must avoid areas with bends or polished areas, as this can cause crazing or cracks in the material.   Do not use cleaners that contain Ammonia. Dishwasher is not recommended.

Q: How do I clean scratches off Acrylic?

A: To eliminate minor scratches, use a high quality paste wax on a soft cloth, and rub the area in both directions until the marks disappear. Brasso or Novus No. 2 are good for this. DO NOT use paper towels or other abrasive material.

Q: Is Acrylic UV (Ultra Violet) stable?

A: Certain types of acrylic material are not recommended for particular applications due to limited resistance to UV light. Other types are stabilized for weather ability.

Q: How much stronger is it than glass?

A: Depending on the type of acrylic, it ranges from 4 times the impact resistance of glass to a virtually unbreakable bullet resistant sheet.

Q: Is Acrylic as clear as Glass?

A: Yes, acrylic sheet is as clear as glass. A variety of uses include atriums, greenhouses, skylights and pool enclosures.

Q: How heavy is Acrylic to Glass?

A: Comparing the same thickness of glass and acrylic, the Acrylic is approximately half the weight.

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