Dimension 3 Plastics utilizes 5 – 3 Axis CNC Router Tables for cutting and machining a variety of materials including wood, plastic and aluminum up to 72” x 144” and up to 5” thick. Working with CAD/CAM software drawing programs our Design Department creates a tool path that the CNC router will run to produce precision parts for production of custom goods or tooling for thermoforming molds and jigs for production.We can work with your DXF, DWG, AI, EPS, IGES, Solidworks,Inventor and AutoCad files in Vector format to produce custom logos and lettering for signage displays. Complex shapes and specific hole patterns are easily cut by CNC reducing production time & cost while producing higher tolerance parts than conventional equipment.



Some products that benefit from CNC include:

  • Machine Guards
  • Security Windows
  • Signage & Retail Displays
  • Industrial Components
  • Electronics Covers
  • Medical/Scientific Apparatus

Call or e-mail and tell us about your product requirement and our sales and design team will work with you to ensure your exact requirements are met.

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