A-Frame Sign

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A-Frame Sandwich Board

These simple sidewalk signs are a great way to attract business to your door. If you are just opening a business or are on a busy sidewalk and are looking for a way to get customers to notice your location, this is the sign for you. It has a metal frame with two expanded PVC panels for your signage. We print the graphics on vinyl and apply a matte finish protective film. It is 24″ wide by 36″ tall. The handle at the top and the lightweight design make these easy to setup and retrieve.

We also sell a more durable version that can be filled with sand for stability. We can even add wheels to make it easier to setup and retrieve. These versions could have a snap frame attached for poster style advertisements, or have your graphics mounted directly to the sandwich board. They can also come with a removable sign board so the graphics can be changed when needed. Call for more information.