Plastic Welding


Dimension 3 Plastics Ltd. has extensive experience welding plastics to form tubs, mining components and industrial parts.

Plastic welding or heat sealing is a process of welding plastic sheets or components together. Many plastics can not be glued due to their high molecular weight and welding is the most effective way of bonding these materials. Welding is also used when a leak proof seal is required. Certain chemicals can attack solvent glue joints resulting in leaks. Welding with chemical resistant materials ensure fail safe structures.

Common materials for welding include Polyethylene (PE), including High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP). We also weld PVC and other “gluable” materials that are exposed to certain chemicals and require a leak proof joint.


Ultrasonic Welding

Dimension 3 Plastics Ltd. also ultrasonic welds plastics. We ultrasonic weld tubing to create swages to trap threaded caps.

We also Ultrasonic weld materials together using a ultrasonic spot weld. Very effective on thinner gauge plastics like PETG which degrade in appearance when solvent glued.

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